During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Medix joins individuals, organizations and communities across the country in helping those affected by cancer through support and education. This October, we’re checking in with Medix teammates to hear how breast cancer has affected their families, careers and communities.

Our next story comes from Doug, whose family has grown stronger by weathering the ups and downs that come after an initial diagnosis of cancer:

What’s your current role here at Medix?  

“I’m an account manager for our Allied Healthcare team here in Chicago.”

How has breast cancer affected your family?  

“My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008. She beat it and was in remission for almost 10 years! Her cancer came back in 2016, but this time in her lungs. Unfortunately the cancer has recently spread to her brain in the past 2 months, but the doctors are optimistic about her treatment plan.

I think my mom’s diagnosis has affected our family in a positive way. Our faith and trust in God has grown, but also our faith in one another! My mother is incredibly resilient and refuses to look at her situation as anything less than a miracle waiting to happen. As a family, we have adopted that mindset throughout this journey together. We have really found out what type of grit and strength we have as a family. Obviously the situation is terrible, but you get to choose what to focus on in these scenarios.”

“I used to think that nothing like this could happen to my family or the ones that I love, but that’s not the case. Everyone has been affected or knows someone that has been affected by cancer.”

What’s something most people might not know about the experience of a breast cancer diagnosis and treatment? 

“Treatment for cancer is not fun. It cripples the patient to a point that you cannot really recognize them. Someone who has been so full of energy and life is basically a shell of themselves. The simple tasks become the hardest, and this person is now relying on the people around them for help.

I just started college when my mother was diagnosed, so I was not around for the day to day struggle. I do remember my younger sister, who was 15 at the time, would come home from school and make dinner, clean up, take care of my mom and my 3 younger brothers. Situations like this can speed up the maturity process for younger family members that are being affected.”

What lessons have you and your family taken from this experience? 

“Trust God! My family has tremendous faith and it has kept us grounded. Even if the news is bad, our faith is still strong. Lean on each other and the ones you love. Seek the best care possible and other methods of treatment.

It’s okay to talk about the treatment and what is going on with the one you love. The more you know about the situation, the better prepared you will be as far as treatment and a plan is concerned.”

Doug Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2

What can people do during Breast Cancer Awareness Month to support those affected by cancer? 

The biggest impact you can make on someone you know that is fighting cancer is to make a meal for them. Eat with them! My mom doesn’t always have the energy to sit and talk with guests, but she loves the company. It is a simple act, but it makes the biggest impact. Being in community and breaking bread with loved ones takes the mind off of the struggle and helps you focus on other things.

My mom is most joyful when she is surrounded by the ones she loves, so spend as much time with them as you can. You won’t regret it!”

Thank you for sharing your family’s story, Doug!

This October, Medix asks you to join our team in supporting the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, a top rated organization providing critical funding for cancer research worldwide. Learn how you can support their cause here.