During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Medix joins individuals, organizations and communities across the country in helping those affected by cancer through support and education. This October, we’re checking in with Medix teammates to hear how breast cancer has affected their families, careers and communities.

Today, we visited our Scottsdale, Arizona office to talk with Molly, Medix Executive Director of Clinical Research. A diagnosis in her family affected her at a young age, setting her life and career on an unexpected path. Molly shares the lessons that her mother’s experience with cancer taught her, from healthy habits to showing up for those who often go unnoticed:

What’s your current role here at Medix?  

“I am Medix’s Executive Director of Clinical Research.”

How has breast cancer affected your family?  

“My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was 14 years old.  With my siblings in college, I was the only one home Molly Breast Cancer Awareness 2to take care of her. I realized that, while I couldn’t fix her cancer, I could make an impact to make her feel better. It was this experience that led me to my nursing career and then to oncology clinical research. While I’m the only one to pursue a career in oncology, my siblings all have continued to be very active in cancer awareness and advocacy.”

What’s something most people might not know about the experience of a breast cancer diagnosis and treatment? 

“Breast cancer diagnosis is a lifelong diagnosis.  While the science has improved tremendously with better treatment options, patients and their families will continue with surveillance and the fear of recurrence. It can be emotionally and financially taxing.”

What lessons have you and your family taken from this experience? 

“While my mom had crummy luck in getting breast (and, 10 years later, ovarian cancer), she was overall healthy. I believe her commitment to a healthy lifestyle helped her to fight the cancer. My siblings and I are proactive in screenings, eating healthy and exercising to give us the best chance of a quality life. 

The biggest lesson I have learned from my cancer patients is to not sweat the small stuff.”

molly breast cancer monthWhat can people do during Breast Cancer Awareness Month to support those affected by cancer?  

“Communities are really responsive when someone is initially diagnosed with cancer. That is great, but please continue to support with meals, cards, books and check-ins; this is a long battle.  Also, take care of the care-takers. They are often the silent victims of this disease.”

Thank you for sharing your family’s story, Molly!

This October, Medix asks you to join our team in supporting the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, a top rated organization providing critical funding for cancer research worldwide. Learn how you can support their cause here.