leadership credibilityDid you recently get promoted to a leadership role within your organization? You’ve most likely previously worked alongside the people you’re now managing, so with your exciting title change comes a new challenge – building credibility as a leader. The task sounds more daunting than it really is. However, there are a few things to keep in mind as you’re establishing yourself:

Act the Part

Behaving like a leader is square one in building credibility. Dress appropriately and act professional, but remember that this means different things for everybody, as every organization has a unique culture.

Share the Credit

Just because you’ve led an effort, it doesn’t mean the credit for its success solely belongs to you. Always share the credit with your teammates, because it shows you respect their contributions, and it will ultimately build trust between you and your teammates.

Be Accountable

Accountability is an essential ingredient in leadership. When things go wrong, you should never pass the blame on to your teammates. If something was your decision, it is your responsibility. Nothing destroys trust and loyalty faster than leaders passing the blame!

Respect Everyone

To earn respect, you must give respect! Respect all your teammates and demonstrate that respect frequently. Always consider your teammates’ individual needs, abilities and opinions, while never talking down to them or making them feel insignificant. In return, they will build a strong loyalty with you.

A new leadership position is an amazing career opportunity. Make the most of it by first establishing your credibility as a deserving leader!

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