For job seekers looking for new opportunities, staffing agencies might just be the key to landing the right job. With around 20,000 staffing and recruiting companies operating in the United States, odds are that you or someone you know has worked with one during a career change. In fact, in recent years, staffing has grown into a $161 billion industry! Why, then, have careers working for staffing companies – specifically careers in staffing sales – been overlooked by many job seekers?

Careers in Staffing Sales

In truth, many of the skills needed for a successful career in sales are transferable across a range of industries. From top notch organizational skills to a willingness to improvise, some keys to success are universal for salespeople. However, careers in staffing present their own mix of unique challenges and opportunities. While salespeople in other industries may focus on selling products (candy, staples, etc.), for those in staffing, the focus is on people. Employers who partner with staffing firms need these professionals to help them build high-performing teams, and job candidates rely on these opportunities for their livelihood as they advance their careers.

The relationship between client and salesperson is just one component of this type of sales environment; staffing professionals also need to balance healthy relationships with their recruiting team – those who identify top candidates for the open roles the sales team promised the client would be filled. Staffing is a fast-paced, challenging environment that can lead to making a major impact in organizations and the careers of others.

Impact Podcast – Episode 20

To learn more about careers in staffing sales, we’re welcoming back the first guest ever to join the Medix Impact Podcast, Jared – the Vice President of Field Operations at Medix. Pulling from a decade of experience in sales, he shares his tips professionals interested in a career in staffing.

What skills do salespeople need to succeed? How is staffing sales different from other sales roles? Get the answers by tuning into the latest episode of the Impact Podcast below!

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