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Fall career fair season is winding down – you got some great resume advice and interview practice, but you did not land a job for post-graduation. You might be wondering, “Now what?” Career fairs are great opportunities, but not everybody walks away with their dream job. Thankfully, there are many other ways for you to network and land the first step in your career! Here are five other places to look: 


That internship you have is not just a great way to learn about your profession and bolster your resume, it’s an amazing networking opportunity, too! You got your foot in the door of an organization, and many interns who prove themselves walk away with a job offer. If there is not an open position at your company right now, don’t panic! If you work hard, you will earn referrals and new connections to other opportunities. 


Research is an often underestimated route. If you have a couple cities you’re interested in, do some research into what companies are there and what kinds of opportunities they might have. Using a search engine is a great way to start, but also check out social media, as more and more companies are posting their jobs on these platforms.


Many professors keep in touch with their alumni, and oftentimes, these alumni will talk about their companies and upcoming opportunities. Sit down with your professors, talk about what types of opportunities interest you and see if they know any alumni to connect you with. 

Campus Organizations 

Campus organizations are another great way to find a job! If you’re in a Greek organization, the strong alumni base typically keeps tabs on their chapters and will share opportunities with members. If you’re a part of a collegiate chapter of a professional organization, there sometimes are exclusive job boards for members and abundant networking opportunities with parent chapters. Take a look at your campus organization to see what opportunities it holds. 

Career Services Centers

Last, but certainly not least, talk to your university’s career services center. These professionals are trained to help students find post-grad opportunities. They are equipped for everything from resume tips, interview practice and even connections to opportunities. Definitely take advantage of this excellent resource!

Your job search does not end when the career fair ends. Take a look at these other areas, and best of luck finding your opportunity!

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