start senior year strongYou’re back on campus and ready to make your last year a good one! Not only do you want to walk away from your college experience with warm memories and lifelong friends, you want to walk away with a job. After all, that’s the reason you’re there, right? In these beginning weeks of the semester, make sure you’re setting the tone for a successful year. Here are some easy tips:

Grow Your Network 

One of a job seeker’s greatest assets is a well-developed professional network. Your network probably already consists of friends from your classes and professors; even though this is a great start, seize opportunities to grow beyond campus. Many professional organizations host networking events, so gather peers in your major and attend. If a student group you’re involved with has connections to such organizations already, all the better! Being a student doesn’t mean you can’t talk to people outside of school. 

Take Advantage of Resources 

As a college student, you have abundant resources at your disposal – professors, student organizations, career service centers, libraries and peers with similar goals as you. Take advantage and learn everything you can from them! This is the time to have that trusted professor read over your resume and cover letter for you or research great organizations to work for with your friends. Don’t let opportunities like these slip by! 

Think Internships, Internships, Internships 

It might sound like a broken record by now, but there is nothing better you can do for your future career than taking on an internship or two, or three during college. Not only will the experience look great on your resume, but you will learn firsthand what you’re good at and want to do within your industry.

Get Into a Professional Mindset Online

Senior year is the time to stop posting party pictures online and to start thinking like a professional. Begin by cleaning up your Facebook page, creating a LinkedIn profile and changing the tone of your Twitter account. Hiring managers do research candidates online, and you don’t want that inappropriate status to get in the way of you and your dream job!

Go to Class! 

Finally, finish your college years strong by avoiding the grips of senioritis! Go to class, and end with a strong GPA that you can proudly display on your resume.

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