For so many years of our young lives, learning is an important part of our daily routines. As we rush from class to class, our education is often taken for granted, even maligned until graduation day. Then, something strange happens to many people when they start to work full-time; all of that learning simply stops! Why? After all, it’s clear that continuous learning has a tremendously positive effect on professional development.

For employees, continuing to develop professional skills can help boost engagement at work, discover hidden talents and increase value to employers. Recent reporting shows that millennials, in particular, feel as though, “opportunities to learn and grow are extremely important to them,” with 59 percent agreeing. 

For employers, offering assistance for continuous learning can lead to higher employee retention rates, better preparation for future promotions and even drive talent attraction. Talent development leaders recognize that building lifelong learners is a priority.

However, not every company can provide structured programs for learning and development. If the support is not there to provide employees a pathway to improvement, it’s understandable that many may simply lose their way. That’s why Medix Learning and Development professionals – Regina and Madisen – are sharing their expertise on a very special Learning and Development Month edition of the Impact Podcast!

During this eye-opening interview, Regina and Madisen share how we can all take control of our own professional development. After all, continuous learning doesn’t only happen in a formal classroom setting! From reading to digital tools, there are simple steps all professionals can take to push their careers to the next level. Whether you’re currently employed or looking for your next opportunity, it’s never the right move to stand still in your development. Take a listen to the interview below, and find the style of continuous learning that works best for you!