weird interview questions“Tell me about yourself.” “What’s your greatest strength?” “Tell me about a time you demonstrated leadership.” These standard job interview questions are a staple for every job seeker. However, every now and then, an interviewer may throw a curveball into the mix. Here are tips on how to not let odd interview questions trip you up:
Take a Second or Two to Think 
If a question has thrown you for a loop, ask the interviewer for a moment to think about it. The interviewer is fully aware he/she asked a unique question, so he/she probably expects that you need to think. Remember, it’s better to give yourself time to think than to stammer and stumble through a response. 
Don’t Say, “I Don’t Know.”
Oftentimes, oddball interview questions are meant to determine cultural fit. Meaning, your interviewer wants to get a sense of your personality and how you would fit into the team’s culture. If you’re not a good sport and give up answering the question, it won’t bode well for your fit. However, if you play along and let your personality shine, you will accomplish what you need to do.
Think Outside the Box 
It’s not a matter of being right or wrong. If your interviewer is asking a weird question, he/she probably wants to hear how you are on your feet and think outside the box. Get creative, and answer the best way you can!
Oddball questions should not derail your interview. Remember this advice so you are ready for anything an interviewer may ask!
Have you been asked an odd interview question? Please share your experience in the comments!