It is that most wonderful time of the year again – the start of flu season! Every fall we arm ourselves with vitamins and vaccines to prepare for battle with the flu bug. For many, the office becomes the battle ground. As soon as one colleague sneezes, it can feel like it’s all over for you, but if you follow our advice below, you stand a fighting chance against the flu. 

Get a Flu Shot

Getting your flu shot is probably the easiest and most effective thing you can do to prevent the flu. During your lunch break, head over to your local pharmacy with some coworkers, and protect yourselves with flu season’s best weapon.

Take Your Vitamins

You’ve got that dreaded scratch in your throat. Now what do you do?  Vitamin C to the rescue! Taking vitamin C with your daily vitamin can give your immune system that extra boost to help you stay strong this flu season. Even if you get sick, taking vitamin C products can help shorten the length of your illness.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Make a habit out of running a sanitizing wipe across your desk and office equipment, with special emphasis on one of flu season’s biggest culprits, your phone’s mouthpiece. Also keep hand sanitizer on your desk, and use it regularly. You’d be surprised at how many germs flourish in your personal work space.

Healthy Habits

Eating right and getting enough sleep can do wonders! Fruits and veggies are a haven for healthy vitamins, but nothing fights illness quite like a full eight hours of sleep. Make a special point to do both this flu season to help you stay healthy.

Nobody wants the flu, so if you get sick this year, do your colleagues a favor and stay home! Your office can seem like a war zone during flu season, but if you follow these tips, you have a better chance coming out of the season flu-free.