With all the fun happening this summer, it’s easy to lose the motivation needed to achieve professional goals. For the employed, studies have shown that workplace productivity can drop as much as 20 percent during the summer months. If working teams take that big of a hit, it makes sense that individuals searching for new job opportunities would feel a bit of fatigue this time of year, too.

After all, who wants to fill out job applications when you could be relaxing at the beach?

Finding a job this summer doesn’t have to be a bummer! Set yourself up for success by considering these three factors when planning for your job summertime job search:

Hiring Managers Take Vacations, Too

Hiring managers, like many people, see summer as an opportunity to take some time to rest, travel and enjoy time away from the office. What this means for job seekers is that scheduling job interviews can become a bit trickier. Each organization has a different hiring process, and depending on the staff available at any given time, that process may be delayed. If you’re having trouble booking job interviews this summer, vacation time may be a factor. Rather than taking it as a sign to shut down your search, consider using the time in different ways while you wait for new opportunities to open up.

Embrace Opportunities to Meet with Your Network

Just as hiring managers might be making use of their vacation time this summer, individuals in your network may be finding themselves with more free time. Take this opportunity to reach out and make plans to reconnect! Hearing from trusted voices in your professional orbit might give new direction to your search. You never know when advice or an unexpected opportunity might breathe new life into a stalled job hunt!

Perfect Your Application Materials

Another great use of time during a job interview lull is editing application materials. Resumes, cover letters and other materials should always be evolving along your search to match your career goals and the opportunities at hand. If the design or content of any of the pieces you regularly submit to employers hasn’t been updated in a while, consider spending time touching them up this summer.

Are you having trouble finding a job this summer? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!