On Monday morning, the office is focused on the big picture; meetings feature big goals, optimistic timelines and ambitious plans for the week ahead. But as the work week rolls along, the best made big plans can get lost under the weight of hundreds of little things. E-mails, invites, calls, cancellations, commutes, disputes, errands and errors pile up until we lose sight of the grand vision laid out just a few days ago. Before you know it, it’s Friday!
If Monday is made for thinking big, then Friday is the perfect opportunity to embrace the little things! After all, Fridays often have a way of feeling shorter than the rest of the week.
Here are a few small office victories to help you keep that positive feeling going with you straight into the weekend:
Empty Inbox
Is there any better feeling than seeing that your e-mail is all caught up? If you’ve been waiting to clear the clutter of your inbox, find some time today to complete an effective purge. By thoughtfully responding to high priority items and storing less pressing communications in an organized folder, you too can experience the small sense of accomplishment that comes with an empty inbox.
Elevator Arrives On-Demand
You’re tired. You drowsily stroll to the elevator, expecting the dreaded wait. You press the button and – DING – like magic, your own personal elevator immediately appears to whisk you straight up to your office. This is no coincidence; this is fate. An elevator victory dance is completely acceptable.
Clean Workspace
Your desk alone can tell the tale of your week. From last minute lunches to pressing Post-It notes, your personal corner of productivity can quickly turn into a clutter cave. Take a few minutes to throw out anything you don’t need and organize the important stuff. You’d be amazed at the big time effect a seemingly small change in your workspace can have.
Birthday cake? Birthday cake.
Happy Birthday to…aw, what does it matter – it’s cake! It’s not everyday someone brings something sweet into the office. Savor the mini-win that is the 3 p.m. sugar rush!
Celebrate Something Small Everyday
We all take on large-scale projects and are encouraged to dream big. But it’s important to recognize all of the small victories that pave your way towards success. Start to develop a team culture that celebrates those types of wins, like meeting a deadline, having a great client conversation or even just catching up on those pesky e-mails.
Let’s all be a part of a team that cheers for success, no matter the size!
Do you have any more examples of a small office victory worth celebrating? Share them below!