Did you walk to work this morning for Walk to Work Day? For many, the warmer weather has become inspiration to get back in shape after the long winter months. Getting fit doesn’t have to wait until the gym; there are simple things you can even do in the office:

Walk to Work

As mentioned, today is Walk to Work Day! If you’re close enough to your office, consider slipping on some walking shoes instead of grabbing the car keys. Starting the day with fresh air and a little exercise will not only burn calories, it will also keep you energized throughout the work day.

Take the Stairs

Another simple choice we have every day is stairs verses the elevator. Feel the burn by hiking up that staircase! Stairs can be a great exercise, unlike simply pushing an elevator button.

Stretch at Your Desk and Walk Around

Stretching is very important for your joint health, as it loosens you up and reenergizes you in the middle of a busy work day. Take a few moments every hour or so, take your eyes off the computer screen, do some simple stretches and take a turn around your workspace.

With bathing suit season coming fast, it’s time for some fitness! Have an additional idea for getting fit at work? Please share with a comment!