Jobs don’t just grow on trees – especially in this economy – so if you’re looking to be gainfully employed after college, you need to take initiative. Yes, as a college student, you don’t have a lot of professional experience, and your resume might be looking rather bare. Just because you’re studying hard in college doesn’t mean you can’t bolster your resume as well. Recruiters and hiring managers want to see that you took advantage of many of the opportunities in college. Below are different ideas for you to get involved on your college campus.

Join a Fraternity or Sorority 

Joining the Greek community does not mean you’re entering one big party. In fact, Greek chapters spend a large part of their time raising money for philanthropies and supporting other chapters. There are also many leadership opportunities within the respective houses. Interested in event planning? Find a position that will allow you to plan alumni dinners or house activities. Are you majoring in accounting? Consider running for finance chair in your house. Greek organizations are also great for networking, as there are alumni who most likely work within your field.

Find a Club for Your Major 

There most likely is a professional student organization associated with your major. These organizations are great for many reasons; they give you relevant experience to add to your resume, networking opportunities with alumni and leadership opportunities. The earlier you join one of these groups, the more chances you will have to gain relevant professional experience in your field. Better yet, you could also pave the way for a leadership position within the organization! Trust us – your future employer will love seeing a leadership position within a professional organization on your resume!

Take on Internships

It’s no secret that employers prefer to hire employees with more professional experience. As a student, how do you work around that to become a top candidate? The answer is internships. Take on internships during your college years to build professional experience and to learn your specific strengths and interests within your field. Start early, because the more internship experience you have under your belt, the better you look to hiring managers and recruiters.


Giving back to your community and college campus is another great way to bolster your resume and professional experience, as you might be able to incorporate your different skill sets in your volunteer work. Are you a good writer? Offer up your writing skills to draft a press release for the organization. Are you charismatic? Help recruit volunteers for a project or event. There’s a lot more you can do to give back to your college community than just donating money or showing up, so ask around and find a role that best suits your strengths. Adding this to your resume will not only diversify your experience, it will show you’re a well-rounded job candidate.

Getting involved during your college years is extremely important, because in this economy, simply earning good grades is not enough for employers. Don’t wait until your second semester senior year to get involved! By then, it will be too late; most of your competition will have the same amount of, if not more, experience than you. Set yourself apart by starting early! Not only will you have an easier job hunt with more things to talk about in interviews, you will be able to make friends and memories that will last far beyond your college years.

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