At Medix, we stand firmly behind our core purpose of positively impacting the lives of our contractors, clients and internal team through employment, philanthropy and creating opportunity. One of the ways we work to create opportunity for our internal team is by empowering them to take charge of their Medix careers. As a leader, having an empowered team that wants to show initiative is a great thing, but getting it takes work on your end. Here are some tips to empower your teammates:

Encourage Open Communication

Give your team ways share their thoughts, feelings and observations with you easily and regularly. Acknowledge them, and let them know that their feedback is always valued and appreciated, even if you decide to go a different direction. This will help your team to feel comfortable with you and continue to think outside of the box, coming up with new ways to impact your business.

Foster an Environment of Accountability

Your entire team needs to know when they are meeting expectations and when they are not. It’s important they recognize that when they commit to something, they are expected to follow through. Furthermore, if they see others not being held accountable, they will be less likely to make the extra effort, so be consistent to help employees stay motivated to do their best.

Be Appreciative

Never forget to say thank you! At the end of the day, your team wants to feel appreciated. When you have an employee who goes the extra mile and truly takes charge, let that person know that their efforts and contributions have not gone unnoticed. Chances are, that employee will do it again and again.

An empowered team has a greater level of satisfaction with their jobs, ultimately helping your organization go to the next level. In 2014, make a point to create opportunity for your employees by empowering them.

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