At Medix, our core purpose of positively impacting lives takes into account the work we do outside our office walls through philanthropy. Many organizations make a big effort to give back to their communities around the holiday season, which is great, but there is need all year. Here are some ideas to get your team involved, regardless of the season:

Partner Up with a Charity

During our company-wide Kick-Off Meeting the other week, we had the humbling opportunity to work with Make-a-Wish Foundation to make a little girl’s dream vacation to Disney World come true and throw a reveal party for her and her family. This was a truly impactful event for our team, and it couldn’t have happened without Make-a-Wish’s dedication. Partnering up with an organization, even for one event, can open up unique doors like this and give you a creative way to positively impact somebody’s life.

Something Fun within the Office 

Incorporating something small yet charitable within your team’s day-to-day life in the office is a great way to give back all year. For example, our team raised money to grow mustaches for Movember, a month dedicated to awareness for men’s health issues. There are many events similar to Movember out there. Another example would be wearing pink on Fridays for breast cancer awareness. Bringing philanthropy to the office in way like these will make it a fun, team building experience.

Look at Current Events

We are fortunate to live in a connected society where our country’s and the world’s happenings are just a click away. Stories about natural disasters and wars are something to rally your team behind to help. Last fall, when the strong storms and tornadoes tore through Central Illinois and devastated towns, like Washington, Ill., one of our teammates took it upon himself to collect necessities, like shampoo, soap and etc. for the victims. Encourage your team to help with causes, and support them along the way.

Giving back all year is great for building teamwork! Keep the philanthropy mindset year-round and engage your team in helping!

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