Ghosts, ghouls and good old fashioned Halloween fun is upon us! There’s just enough time to put the finishing touches on your plans for the company costume party. While most company holiday parties are harmless, Halloween comes with a wide range of eerie and mysterious pitfalls that can turn your fun into frightening HR issues. Follow these tips to keep things spook-free! 

Create Clear Costume Guidelines

Halloween is a time of year where pretty much anything goes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t set guidelines for what is and is not appropriate for the office. The more detailed guidelines you can provide, the less risk you run of having someone show up in an offensive or inappropriate costume. Include examples and pictures of what isn’t allowed so employees can fully grasp your guidelines and plan their costumes accordingly. 

Make Participation Optional

It might seem hard for you to understand why someone wouldn’t want to participate in the company costume contest, but I recommend making your office festivities optional. Halloween isn’t for everyone, and there are plenty of reasons why someone might not want to take part. Allowing employees to make this choice for themselves keeps your employees happy, and helps you avoid those frightening HR issues.  

Keep Things Organized & On Schedule

Issues almost always arise when things are planned last minute, or not at all. As much as we all love to fly by the seat of our pants, when it comes to company Halloween parties, you need to keep things on schedule and organized. Set a designated start and end time to the party; communicate various activities and the time in which each will take place. This keeps things operating smoothly, and leaves less room for error. 

Don’t Get Tricky with Treats

Before you plan the company lunch or call the catering company, consider any allergies or issues that could arise with your order. Plan to provide your teammates with a tasty menu filled with lots of options to accommodate various tastes and preferences. The last thing you want is an HR issue and an employee with an allergic reaction!

Halloween can be frightening fun, and if you follow these easy tips you can ensure you and your company aren’t tricked, but rather treated to no HR issues this Halloween! Do you have any Halloween experiences to share from the workplace? Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments below!