Though you might not want to believe it, it is time to accept that the holiday season is indeed upon us!  The season of giving and goodwill tends to bring out an inherent urge to give thanks and give back.  What better opportunity for a team building experience than to channel that into an office philanthropic initiative for the holidays?  Here are some tips on activities to tackle with your team this season to spread the holiday cheer!

Food and Toy Drives

This can be a relatively easy activity to coordinate, since it doesn’t involve juggling employees’ schedules to find time outside of work.  Employees can bring in canned goods and non-perishable food items at their leisure to benefit the Salvation Army or local food banks.  Bringing in items for a toy drive is also a great option as well to bring holiday presents to needy families.  There are plenty of other drives to look into as well, such as cell phone drives for soldiers, which our Lombard office has chosen to do this year.

Adopt a Family

If you would like to go for a more personal experience, a good option would be to get involved with an Adopt a Family Holiday Project where your team would “adopt” a specific family in need and supply them with a holiday meal and presents for their children.  You have the opportunity to meet the family and people you are affecting, which can be an extremely gratifying experience.  In fact, our Scottsdale office will be adopting a family this year!

Soup Kitchens and Shelters

If you want the opportunity to get your entire team together to participate in an activity outside of the office, consider volunteering at a soup kitchen or shelter to serve a meal.  There are many other options besides shelters as well, such as getting together to serve a meal at a Ronald McDonald House in your area.  It can be a real team building experience to get together for an out-of-office activity such as this and work together to positively affect others.

What other holiday philanthropic activities are YOUR teams participating in this holiday season?  We’d love to hear more ideas for spreading good will as we round out 2012!

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