be a great teammateCoworker camaraderie is important regardless if you’re a new employee or a seasoned vet in the office. Having a good relationship with your coworkers will make work more fun while boosting your engagement and job satisfaction. But how do you lay the groundwork for these rewarding relationships? Start by becoming a great teammate! Here is how:

Be Accountable

Be accountable for your work, and never pass the buck. When things go wrong, and it’s your fault, take the full blame yourself. The blame game never results in trust, respect and friendships.

Share Credit 

On the flipside, when things are going great at work with your projects and initiatives, make sure you share credit and continually recognize who have helped you.

Be Helpful 

Become that reliable teammate by making a habit of lending a helping hand to busy colleagues when you have spare time. Not only should you reciprocate and help teammates who have stepped in for you in the past, but also others who you have not had the opportunity to work with yet.

Avoid Negativity 

Never spread office gossip or join in with complaining. Nothing destroys trust like gossip, because it always gets back to the subject. Furthermore, negativity breeds more negativity, and quite frankly, people don’t want to be around it.   

Mind Your Business

Don’t be nosy. Never pry into your colleagues’ business, especially their private life. For example, if you see that a teammate has a sit-down with their manager, don’t ask him/her every detail about what it was about. Like any friendship, you want to be there when times get tough, but asking too many questions or getting yourself involved can be annoying and even make things worse.

Mind Your Manners

Last, but not least, always mind your manners. “Please” and “thank you” are great starts, but also don’t play music out loud, disrupt your teammates, steal coworkers’ food in the fridge and other common sense things that can sometimes be forgotten. Treat your teammates how you would like to be treated!

Building camaraderie among your teammates starts with you. Become easy and pleasant to work with and those bonds will naturally follow!

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