difficult leaderIt’s simple a fact of life that at some point in everybody’s career, we’re bound to deal with a difficult boss. These types of leaders have the potential to ruin any experience, regardless of how rewarding the job is for you. You might think that as an employee, you can’t take control of the situation and need to grin and bear it. This is not true. Here are things you can do to work around the difficult leader:

Try to Understand Him/Her and Adapt

Everybody has different motivators, strengths and weaknesses, including the problematic leader. Learn what his/hers are by putting yourself in his/her shoes, and do your best to adapt to them.

Document Everything 

If your challenging boss is extremely hands-off, a micromanager or anything else in between, you should document everything you work on. The benefits of this are two-fold; for the micromanager, you’re able to show your progress and organization with all your initiatives, and you are able to keep yourself on track and accountable with the extreme laissez-faire leader.


Sometimes something as simple as communication can make a huge impact on tricky situations. Try to talk to your boss about your issues and concerns to see if he/she is willing to work through them with you. Having the courage to speak up has potential to solve a lot of issues.

Always Be Professional

Don’t let this affect your career! Remember, regardless of how many buttons your boss pushes, you’re still at work, meaning you need to remain professional.

Explore Options

If worse comes to worse, it might be time to find your next opportunity. You don’t deserve to suffer, and if you’ve tried everything to resolve the issue, it’s okay to move on. However, when you’re interviewing for new positions, you must never bash your former employer, as it rubs hiring managers the wrong way.

Again, working with a difficult leader is inevitable at some point in everybody’s career. You’re allowed to take action, so be your own advocate and handle the situation!

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