You aced the interviews; you have the gut feeling that this job is the perfect fit for you, but then you don’t get chosen. Now what? Unfortunately, facing rejection is an inevitable a part of the job search. Whether it’s through an email or a phone call, that pit in your stomach is a terrible feeling. However, you must pick yourself back up and keep going. Here are our tips to help:

Control Your Emotions

After you receive the email or phone call, take a deep breath. Get control over your feelings and keep a level head. The very last thing you want to do is get upset and say something you regret to the hiring manager! Even though you got rejected from the job, you still don’t want to burn the bridge with that organization.

Thank the Hiring Manager

At the time, this might seem hard to do, but you should thank the hiring manager for his/her time. Whether it’s in reply to the rejection email or verbally when you’re called, a simple ‘thank you for your time’ should be one of the first things you say. You will never regret staying polite!

Ask for Feedback

It’s more than okay to ask the hiring manager for feedback! It might be difficult to listen to, but the interviewer might highlight an area of your interviewing skills or resume that needs improvement. It can also give you some closure as to why you were not chosen for the position. This will ultimately help you on the path to the right opportunity!

Stay Positive!

Again, easier said than done, but stay positive. Surround yourself with your support system, volunteer, do something you enjoy – anything to keep your spirits lifted. Maintaining a good attitude will make getting back in the job search saddle so much easier!

Rejection in the job search is tough – no doubt about that! Follow our tips and dust yourself off, because this just means you’re one step closer to the right opportunity!

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