You’re interning for your dream company and something unbelievable happens – a position opens up within your department! You’re flooded with excitement, and then the fear sets in. This is your opportunity to shine and reach your ultimate goal of obtaining a full-time position, but what if you mess up? Internships are an amazing opportunity to get your foot in the door and bolster your job experience, but if you want to get hired on full-time, there are several things to do put yourself in the spotlight:

Adjust Your Mindset

Just because you were hired for an internship doesn’t automatically mean you will be given a job offer at the end. Think of your internship as a three-month-long job interview. Walk in each day prepared to impress your supervisor, ask intelligent questions and learn something new.

Dress the Part

Yes, the old adage still rings true – dress for the job you want, not the job you have. Put extra effort into your appearance, and always err on the side of professionalism if you’re not sure about what to wear.

Cross Your Ts and Dot Your Is

Check, double check and triple check your work before you turn it in to your supervisor. The company wants to hire someone dependable, so an internship is a chance to prove that you have the skills and can do your work well.

Take Initiative

Companies look for job candidates who want learn and grow. An internship is the perfect opportunity for you to take the reigns of your professional experience, learn new skills and show you have potential for leadership.

Of course, the end goal of your internship most likely is to get hired on full-time by your company. Follow these steps to help prove to you are more than just an intern; you’re the ideal candidate for a full-time position!