Job Seeker Interview ChecklistAfter making it all the way through the online application process, weeks of patiently waiting for a response, multiple phone interviews and a handful of worrisome, sleepless nights, you are most definitely ready to interview – live and in-person – for this new job.
Unfortunately, with this next step of your job search journey comes a whole new set of preparations to consider:

“What should I wear?” “What should I bring for the interviewer?” “Where do I even begin!?”

Let’s take the stress out of interview day (you’ve been through enough) with an all-in-one, comprehensive interview day checklist! Below you will find a list of key preparations to make before stepping foot in the interview room. (Feel free to print this page out for use as a handy reminder before your next interview!)
The Medix Interview Day Checklist

  • A good night’s sleep
  • Calendar clear before and after scheduled interview time for stress-free day
  • Company website and social media research for potential interview questions
  • Thorough job description review
  • Name and contact information for company contact
  • Potential interview question role play session
  • Professional attire cleaned, pressed and ready to go (attention to detail, from jewelry to shoes)
  • Multiple professional copies of resume, cover letter and any other applicable materials
  • Legal forms of identification (as requested by employer)
  • Writing pad and pen/pencil for note taking
  • Copy of travel directions to interview office ready before departing
  • Mint, gum or other breath fresheners spit out before entering building
  • Cellphone switched off
  • Be confident – You’ve got this!
  • Thank you letters (within 24 hours)

Interview day can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be! Use this interview day checklist to ensure you’re a prepared and confident candidate during your next job interview. Do you have any other tips for getting ready on interview day? Share your thoughts below!