Unfortunately, introverts have gotten bad reputations as loners, unenthusiastic and passive. This is definitely untrue, as introverts are very valuable members of any team. If you’re an extrovert learning how to work with an introvert on your team, follow these tips to ensure your team is moving along efficiently.


Introverts tend to be great thinkers and problem solvers, so put this trait to good use during a team brainstorm. Ask your team introverts for their ideas and opinions specifically, so they can be heard without interruption.


Email is an easy way to communicate with introverts, because they can think and pull their thoughts together without “awkward silences.” Email is a great way to get the clearest thoughts from the introverts’ on your team.

Team Building

Introverts have a tendency to keep their emotions, interests, ideas and thoughts to themselves. It can take some time to really get to know them, but don’t think they’re being rude; have patience when forming your team bond.

Every great team hosts a variety of personalities, and it’s important to be accepting of all if you want to be productive and efficient. With their great thinking and planning skills, introverts are great additions to any team, so never underestimate their worth!