There is no rule saying, “work has to always be serious.” In fact, many companies put a special emphasis on workplace moral, but positivity and fun do not have to be trickled down from leadership; you can start it, too! Here are tips for have more fun at work:

Greet Everyone 

Something as simple as a cheery “hello” can set the tone for a great day! If you get in the habit of walking in with a smile and a warm greeting, it will become contagious among your teammates, and mornings will become more enjoyable.

Play Music

Music is a great pick-me-up, so find a radio and tune into your team’s favorite station. Be sure to ask your neighbors if they mind first!

Organize a Team Outing

Get together outside of the office with your coworkers for a happy hour. Sometimes coordinating with everyone’s schedules can be difficult due to other obligations, so consider a team lunch if a happy hour isn’t possible.

Avoid Gossip

Nothing hurts the moral of a team quite as much as office gossip, so try to set an example by avoiding the gossip. You will build trust with your coworkers, because nobody wants to be talked about.

Give Cheers

Did IT fix another Internet issue? What about your coworker who cleaned out the office fridge? Dish out the shout outs! Everyone likes to be recognized and appreciated, so kind words to highlight your teammates will be a great boost!

Adding fun into the work day can be incredibly simple, so let Fun at Work Day be your inspiration to boost your coworkers’ moral!

Got other ideas on how to add more fun to the office? Please leave a comment!