One of the most important components of an interview is the pre-interview preparation, especially the research. Researching a company before a job interview has two major benefits – first, you have the opportunity to demonstrate your genuine interest in the opportunity, and second, you will learn if you’re a true fit. Before you start clicking away, here are some things to look for during your research:

Mission, Core Purpose, Values

Go through the company’s website to look for its mission, core purpose or values, as this will tell you a lot about the kind of people who work there and the vision the organization has for moving forward. This will also give you insight into whether or not you would be a good fit culturally.

News and Events

Figure out what the company has been up to, if it’s won any accolades recently and other happenings. The website’s newsroom is a good place to start, but then check out its social media profiles to see what has been posted. This is a great way to see if the company is living its mission/core purpose/values and for you to impress the interviewer.

Environment and Employees

Beyond the organization’s stated mission, core purpose and/or values, you should try to find information about the working environment and employees to gain a more wholesome view of the company culture. You can find the general information about number of employees and office locations on the company website, but really dig into social media profiles, as they are less formal and tend to have more insight into what it truly means to be an employee with that organization.

Never underestimate the value of pre-interview prep! Take your time researching the organization, and look in particular for these certain things.

Have an idea for another thing to learn about the company before an interview? Please share with a comment!