Let’s face it, looking for a job can be lonely. Writing resumes and cover letters, filling out applications and preparing for job interviews are all generally seen as individual tasks. Hiring experts – including me – all preach the importance of self-reflection throughout the job search. While looking inward is beneficial, it can also be a challenging, deeply personal process, one that requires a person to confront hard truths about their work experience, career goals and aspirations. Once the inevitable rejection responses start coming in, it’s natural for these difficult feelings to intensify. 

Thankfully, if you are feeling alone in your job search, the good news is it doesn’t have to be this way! While understanding yourself is one important piece of the puzzle, there’s immense value in opening yourself up to the support of others.

Break out of that lonely funk by hosting a job search party! Here’s why inviting a few friends over to collaborate on looking for a job might just be what your search needs right now: 

Peer Review

You can only stare at the minutiae of font sizes, line spacing and border sizing for so long. After a certain point, you really do become blind to what’s on your resume, cover letter and other application materials. That’s when it’s time to call in your friends! A fresh set of eyes can open up possibilities you may have never considered. Collaboration is actively encouraged in organizations across the globe, so why do we shy away from it when searching for a job? 

The Best Ideas are Stolen

If you don’t believe me, take it from Tom Hanks, who shared this piece of advice when accepting the Cecil B. DeMille Award at the 2020 Golden Globes, “You’re a dope if you don’t steal from everybody you’ve ever worked with.” His advice definitely applies to the job search. Do you like the way your friend phrased a sentence in a cover letter? Let it inspire yours! Is there an eye-catching element on another friend’s resume? Work it into the design of your resume! When it comes to sharing great ideas, take it from Mr. Hanks – don’t be a dope!  

Beyond Networking

Setting aside time to come together with friends that may be at a similar cross-roads in their professional journeys is about more than just networking; it’s about strengthening your overall well being. The job search can be a grind, and sometimes you just need to hear that there are people out there who know how you feel. Even if a night of talking about job applications over snacks and drinks doesn’t land you your dream job, it might just give you the energy you need to keep making progress towards your career goals! 

Get This Party Started!

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