Graduation should be a time to celebrate. After all, making it through school with a degree is an amazing accomplishment! Unfortunately, the shadow of the looming job search that awaits new grads can put a damper on the party. While graduates have been entering a job market with lower unemployment and higher salaries in recent years, the fierce competition and varied availability of jobs keeps the stakes high.

How can new grads properly prepare for the challenges ahead?

Over the course of a typical student career, a certain level of knowledge and skills required for a job are no doubt developed.  However, actually finding a job can require an entirely different set of skills not directly related to a student’s area of study. From networking to personal branding, job candidates need to be ready to put in the work to find work. Once the excitement of graduation day passes, expectations for finding a new career opportunity ramp up quickly. That’s why planning ahead and having a strategy for job searching before walking across the stage and accepting that diploma can pay off big time for those entering the workforce.

Thankfully, Medix Corporate Recruiter Alyssa recently joined us on-the-line from Scottsdale, Arizona for our next installment of the Impact Podcast! She shares her top job search tips for new grads, drawing from her experiences as a hiring professional. If you’re transitioning into the next stage of your career and are looking for a little direction, you won’t want to miss this episode!

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