With the summer sun pulling your employees’ minds toward beach vacations instead of spreadsheets and reports, it can be hard to keep focus and morale elevated amongst your team. Here are a few extra things you can do to incentivize and motivate your team this summer!

Experiment with summer hours

During the summer months, some companies institute schedules that allow their teams to leave early or have half days on Fridays. Even if your business structure wouldn’t allow for an official weekly schedule like this to be in place, you can still incentivize your team by letting them get an early start to their weekend on occasion after they have completed their tasks.

Get a little casual.

This is another incentive that depends on your office structure and policies, but consider letting your team go slightly more casual in the summer, even if it is only for one day a week. We’re not saying to go from business professional to blue jeans, but even allowing polos or no ties can be a welcomed relief. Business suits can be hot in the summer!

Treat them with treats.

Let’s face it, during the long summer days, even a tiny pick-me-up can help the workday move along! Bringing in some fruit or bagels in the morning or frozen treats during a hot afternoon lets your employees know that you appreciate them and their efforts!

Organize an office outing.

Take advantage of the myriad of fun summer activities to incentivize your team and bring them together for a little fun and bonding. Invite your crew over for a backyard barbecue. Organize a little outing for you to all go catch a baseball game one afternoon. Not only will your team feel appreciated, it can help boost camaraderie as well.

We know that sometimes, the last place many people want to be on a beautiful summer day is a cubicle, but following some of our tips will help motivate your team and demonstrate how grateful you are for their hard work!