When I was asked if I wanted to write about my experiences at Medix, my topic of choice seemed obvious – our culture! I mean, I’m literally writing this in a coffee shop in downtown Kansas City waiting to go celebrate the Chiefs’ Superbowl parade because Medix gave the entire office the day off (#HowBoutThemChiefs?).

While earning my degree in Human Resource Management, my classmates and I were constantly drilled with statistics about how vital company culture is to both employee satisfaction and overall productivity. For example, The American Psychological Association has estimated that more than $500 billion in profits and 550 million workdays of productivity disappear from the U.S. economy due to workplace stress. 

That’s why after I interned for Medix and experienced the culture first-hand, I did not even apply to another company! As someone with an extremely Type A personality, who graduated with a 4.0 GPA and always wants a back up plan, this was extremely out of character for me. But if my HR degree has taught me anything, it is that when you find an amazing company culture, you do not let that go. 

Medix Kansas City Culture 1Our Culture: Team Impact

Our culture at Medix starts with celebrating every achievement and milestone of our internal team. In Kansas City, every single teammate’s Medix-versary, birthday, wedding, baby shower, promotion and sales or recruiting contest win is a big deal. One look at my social media profiles and you will see countless Medix happy hours with tables overflowing with BBQ nachos, loaded tater tots and fried pickles; office bridal showers with highly competitive rounds of Pictionary; and office trips to Kansas City Royals games, axe throwing venues and arcades. 

Not a single Medix-versary, birthday or Christmas has passed where I haven’t received both a handwritten card signed with encouragement from every single member of my office and a personalized gift. Some of my favorite gifts include a shower speaker because my team knows I love to sing, a ticket to a calligraphy workshop and lots and lots of candles and workout gear. 

Our Culture: Community Impact

Through the strength that we have built as an internal team, we are able to lock arms to look outside our office and help to positively impact others. Not only is our Kansas City office passionate about contributing towards Medix’s national philanthropic partners, such as Camp Hometown Heroes, but we’re also dedicated to giving back to our local community. Organizations that we have supported through service or donations include: Harvesters, Kansas City Public Schools, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, Children’s Mercy, Operation Breakthrough and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kansas City.

Our partnership with Operation Breakthrough (OB) is one that is quite near and dear to my heart. OB is an organization located in the heart of our community which is passionate about creating a safe, loving and educational environment for children in poverty. They are all about empowering their families through advocacy, emergency aid and education. Operation Breakthrough provides kids and families with resources such as a clothing closet, an on-site health clinic, therapy services, before and after school care, a stocked food pantry and much more. 

Recently, our K.C. office took the day off work to volunteer together at Operation Breakthrough. We were able to tour the facility, unload trucks of donated furniture and organize new books that were donated for their library. Also, this past Christmas, we donated nearly $1,500 to OB in the form of toys and classroom items to help young children strengthen their fine and gross motor skills, including mobility bikes, a light table and sensory beads.

Are You Ready to Positively Impact Lives? 

Joy is a corporate recruiter in Medix’s Kansas City office. Are you ready to positively impact lives as a part of the Medix team? Check out our latest opportunities in sales, recruiting, and corporate positions in our offices across the country at Careers.Medixteam.com.