At Medix, our core purpose is to positively impact lives, but what drives our teammates at an individual level? For our team in Nashville, getting to the bottom of what was driving each other to achieve their goals led to the creation of something that brings their office culture to life – the Why Wall.

Today, we’re sharing a story from Robert, Sales Manager in Nashville, about why he and his teammates joined together to create something special for their office.

The Why Wall, as told by Robert – Medix Sales Manager in Nashville 

When I first arrived in Nashville, one of the first questions I asked my teammates was, “What’s the reason you’re working for Medix?” I wanted to get an idea of why my teammates came to work everyday besides the desire to positively impact the lives of our clients, talent and coworkers.

As we continued to talk about it, different stories started to emerge. Our teammates talked about striving to reach financial stability to pay off student loans, supporting a family that relies on them and – one of my favorites – proving to others they could become a successful teammate.  

From that came the idea of making these reasons known to everyone in the office. I wanted each of us to understand where our coworkers were coming from, and what they were working towards. I firmly believe that if I can help the person sitting next to me achieve their personal goals, they will help me with mine.  

So, everyone in the office typed up their “Why”. Their responses did not need to be crazy long, as long as they provided a snapshot of what gets them up every morning to come to work and continue to push forward.  As our stories came together, we also included a handful of pictures of our families and pets, and that’s how the Why Wall came to be! 

Now, when we have visitors, we talk with them about why our teammates are a part of the Medix family, and ask what they are working towards so we can understand how to help them get there.

“Impact each other so we can impact others.”

What’s Your Why? 

Thank you to Robert and the entire Medix Nashville team for sharing the story behind your Why Wall! If you’re in the Nashville area, stop by the office to take a peek at the wall and strike up a conversation with our team. What motivates you to work towards personal and professional goals? Let’s build a Why Wall of our own in the comments section below!