In the age of social media, LinkedIn has become just about as common of a tool for finding a job as a resume or cover letter! Since launching in 2003, the professional social media platform now boasts more than 500 million users across more than 200 countries worldwide. Unfortunately, even though LinkedIn is opening doors to opportunities for millions of job seekers, the majority of users aren’t getting the most out of their profiles.

By now, it’s common practice for job seekers to clean up their social media profiles during a job search. After all, employers do not want to see pictures of their star recruit enjoying a few too many drinks on vacation! Yet, as valuable as removing certain things on social media might be, adding important details can prove just as valuable. All too often, LinkedIn profiles are left inactive. Plenty of users stop logging in once they land a job, allowing their information to gather dust. Then, when the need to find a new job is suddenly high, users must race to update their pages with the most recent, relevant information in the hopes of attracting employers.

Instead, professionals should have a strategy for maintaining their LinkedIn profiles, and a plan for consistently engaging with their networks. It’s this regular flow of sharing information and contributing to conversations about key industry updates that not only helps push a profile to the forefront of feeds, but also helps job seekers keep a keen eye on potential opportunities.

If you’re struggling to get your profile up to speed, consider some advice from someone with a ton of experience searching through LinkedIn for top candidates. In our latest episode, Sarah, Senior Sales Recruiter at Medix, joins the Impact Podcast to share her favorite LinkedIn tips. From profile basics to insider tricks, she’s got the information job seekers need to spruce up their social media image!