A resume is a complex document that is supposed to highlight your professional accomplishments and show hiring managers you are undoubtedly the best candidate for a job. However, when mistakes are made, even little ones, your resume will find its way to the recycle bin. Remember these little resume mistakes with big consequences:

Including Irrelevant or Out-Dated Information

According to Business Insider, a recruiter only spends six seconds looking at your resume. Why waste that precious time with old and/or irrelevant information? Only include information about your recent experience that best fits the position. 

Font Too Small or Unreadable

Yes, you want to include as much information as you can into your resume, but you don’t want to jam it so packed that the hiring manager can’t read! Your hiring manager will not appreciate needing to work hard to read your resume and strain his/her eyes, so keep your resume font at 10-12 points

Grammar/Spelling Errors

Grammar and spelling mistakes are a fact of life. However, they should not be on your resume, as they are unprofessional. Even if you are a grammar expert, have a trusted friend or mentor review your resume for you, because these little errors can easily happen.

Leaving Out Keywords

Many companies use applicant tracking systems for open positions and filter out resumes for hiring managers by using keywords that were put in the job descriptions. This is a huge reason why failing to tailor your resume to the position is a huge mistake – it will get lost in the resume black hole.

Not Having Enough Whitespace

This might seem counter-productive, but white space is important on your resume. Not only do hiring managers like having space on your resume where they can write notes about your qualifications, but whitespace naturally draws the eye to important points.

In the job search, it’s the little things that count! Look for these little mistakes, so there isn’t anything keeping you from your perfect job opportunity!

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