Networking is not only a key component of the job search, it’s important throughout your career. Everyone from entry-level professionals to senior executives should put a special emphasis on networking for many reasons, such as exchanging ideas and furthering careers. To broaden professional networks, many choose to participate in industry events, but the pressure to make a good, memorable impression can be intimidating. Here are some little things you can do that will make you memorable to the people you meet at your next networking event:


Those who just show up to networking events without anything prepared and who don’t add anything are forgettable, so bring an elevator speech and talking points. Prepare a few sentences about yourself, your experience and something that makes you stand out, like a fun fact. Then take it one step further by having conversation points ready to go by bringing up an article or book you read about a new strategy or trends within your industry.

Remember Everyone’s Names

A great way to be remembered is to remember the people you meet. Make a point to memorize the names of everyone you shake hands with and repeat them in conversation with those people to convey your interest in the new professional relationships.

Follow Up with New Contacts

After you leave the event, follow up with the people you met by sending them a quick email and/or adding them on LinkedIn. Express your excitement about building new connections, thank them for the conversation, and bring up a topic you talked about to help jog their memory. Make it a point to reach out to your new connections once a month or so to keep in touch.

At the end of the day, successful networking is not about the amount of people you meet, instead, it’s about the quality of people who remember you. Follow our tips when you go to your next event, and you are sure to walk away with new connections.

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