We’ve all been there – you said “yes” to one too many assignments; some little task has blown up into a huge project; due dates for your various assignments have all fallen on the same day. It’s stressful, to say the least, but your trusty team can help alleviate the pressure.

Many times we feel like asking for help is out of the cards, because we don’t want to burden our teammates with our work, or we simply just would prefer to do it ourselves. But sometimes you really need to raise the white flag and call on your support system. Here are times when it’s more than appropriate to call on your colleagues for extra help:

Your End Product is Subpar

In many industries, you’re only as good as your last project. If you’re up to your neck with work and your end product is suffering from being stretched too thin, it’s definitely time to lean on your reliable team. If you’re trying to prove you’re a great employee by juggling a lot of different assignments, you need to adjust your thinking about your boss’s expectations, because chances are, your boss would rather see quality work.

You Have No Work-Life Balance 

Do you technically work a 40-hour week, but you’ve been spending 60+ hours in the office? It’s time to ask for help. Having no work-life balance is not only bad for your job performance, but it also takes a toll on your family life, physical health and emotional well-being. Don’t let yourself suffer and face burn-out; recruit a coworker to help with your workload!

Your Stress Levels are Sky High

Constantly being stressed is also bad for you and can put you on the fast track to burn-out, so don’t let it consume your work day. Be your own advocate and talk to your teammates about splitting up some projects. Your team does not want to see you constantly frantic and tense, so finding help will be easier than you think.

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness or incompetency. As long as you plan on reciprocating those teammates who have your back, you should never think twice about asking for extra support.