We know, commutes are generally not the brightest part of your day.  Whether you are packed on a train or subway like sardines, or listening to the sweet sound of car horns in a traffic jam, it may seem difficult to derive anything enjoyable from your trip to or from work.  But truth is, they are a necessary part of your work day, so why not make the most of them?

Wake up, and cheer up.

If you turn your brain on BEFORE you walk into your office doors, you will start your day off on a much more productive note.  We promise.  Fill that travel mug up with java, crank up your favorite feel-good tunes, and really use that time to gear up and mentally prepare for your day.

Get your book worm on.

If you are on a train, you have the opportunity to curl up with your hard copy and lose yourself in a book for an hour or so.  In the car, you can pop in a book on tape.  Either way, most people don’t have much time to read between work and family time at home, so your commute is a good opportunity to sneak some time in with a good novel.

Catch up on your correspondence.

This is strictly a suggestion for train riders, since we (and the law) don’t condone emailing while driving.  If you are stuck on a train for an hour, why not sift through your emails BEFORE you even walk in the door?  Catching up on email can suck up a good portion of your morning in the office with all of the distractions, so crossing that to-do off your list before you clock in will make your morning smoother.


Let’s face it.  Work can be stressful!  It can be hard to finish an aggravating day on the job and then switch it off to spend quality time with friends and family when the day is done.  Sometimes, that hour (or two) in the car can be entirely necessary for you to unwind from the day so you don’t bring the stress of work home with you.

Your commute doesn’t have to be a waste of time! Follow these tips, and turn those lemons to lemonade. You will be all the more productive for it!