February 6, 2019 – Medix Clinical Research, a team within Medix focused on workforce solutions within pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and medical device industries, will exhibit at SCOPE Summit 2019 from February 18-21.

“SCOPE is an exciting opportunity for our clinical research team because of the wide-range and depth of expertise that is on display, and it’s even more meaningful to be a part of the summit’s tenth year,” said Molly Downhour, Medix Clinical Research Strategy Executive. “From recruitment and retention to site selection and management, we’re excited to connect with industry leaders to address some of the most pressing issues facing clinical trials today.”

The Summit for Clinical Ops Executives, or SCOPE, attracted 1,700 leaders in clinical operations and research in 2018, and features best practice case studies relevant to clinical operations experts and those new to the field. Over the course of four days of in-depth discussions in 19 different conferences, three plenary keynote sessions, and interactive breakout discussions, the programming focuses on advances and innovative solutions in all aspects of clinical trial planning, management and operations.

Attendees can meet the Medix team at Booth 115 for a chance to win gift cards throughout the summit.

“Ultimately, a gathering like this helps us all to do our jobs better,” said Downhour. “As we work to deliver innovative solutions that positively impact the lives of patients and clinical trial teams, the knowledge sharing that takes place during the SCOPE Summit is truly invaluable.”

For more information about Medix and Medix Clinical Research, please visit https://www.medixteam.com/clinical-research/

About Medix Clinical Research

The increased demand for clinical research trials has created talent imbalances for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and clinical research organizations. These organizations consistently struggle to balance not only finding the right talent at the right time as new trials begin, but also the burden of potentially furloughing and sacrificing people when trials come to a close. Medix Clinical Research, a focus of Medix Scientific, gives your organization the flexibility to balance your trial portfolio by profiling and benchmarking top performers and managing specific therapeutic expertise to match your current and pending trials. Additionally, Medix Clinical Research will help place your team in different positions at the end of your trials and bring this talent back to your team when you need it again. Medix provides you with a sustainable and long-term workforce solution, allowing your organization to grow by finishing trials on time and within budget.