At Medix, our teammates are not only amazing when thriving in their day-to-day jobs, but also when they share their unique hobbies with the whole team! In our most recent Medix teammate spotlight, Andy gives discusses his interesting career path at Medix – from recruiting to data guru – and shares some fun facts about himself.

Please explain your current role at Medix.

“In my role as Data Management Analyst, I am responsible for the quality of the incoming data that our users generate.This includes developing and implementing both data policies and quality audits, as well as managing the systems and tools that our Delivery and Sales Teams use in their roles daily.”

What brought you to this role?

“My first two years at Medix were spent recruiting for the Chicago IT division, where I found myself calling database professionals whenever I had the chance. I thought the work they did and projects they were proud of sounded fascinating and decided that ‘data’ was something that I needed to get into. Coincidentally, around this same time, a position became available on our Corporate team to manage our data systems. As someone who was extremely passionate about the system, the chance to manage it for Medix sounded too good to be true! Fast forward a couple more years to where I am today, and I’ve had the chance to learn the technology and complete projects like the ones my talent used to tell me about years ago.”

What made you decide to work for Medix?

“The opportunity for growth and the company culture. Heading into college graduation, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do for a career. By pure chance, I encountered Medix at the career fair. During my first interview, I heard about the new offices, positions and teams that were being created because of the growth they were experiencing. I liked the way that this sounded and, fortunately, I was invited to the office for a second interview. Having the opportunity to meet the team and see what a real day looked like made me think, “this looks fun!” Through this, I was able to figure out where I wanted to take my career and continue my professional development in a new role at Medix!”

What’s your favorite part about working for Medix?

“Regardless of the role I’ve been in or the team I have worked on, the answer has always been the same: My favorite part about working for Medix is the people. I love the team I work with and I love even more that my role allows me to work closely and interact with hundreds of other Medix team members in our offices across the country.”

When you’re not working hard at Medix, what are your hobbies?

“I’ve always loved music and picked up DJing as a hobby while in college. I still fire up the turntables when I can! Luckily, I have been able to share this hobby with many of my coworkers at some of our company events and conferences. When I’m not jamming, I enjoy playing video games. Specifically I like to get outside and explore new places while playing Pokemon Go. ‘Gotta catch ’em all!’”

Thank you, Andy, for sharing your story in this edition of the Medix Teammate Spotlight!