Medix is growing to meet the needs of our talent and clients wherever they may be! In a special edition of our Medix Teammate Spotlight series, we’re traveling to our newest office in Seattle, Washington to meet Sales Manager, Chris. He shares why he’s excited to take on new opportunities in the brand new home for our expanding team:

Please explain your new role at Medix.

“While my official title will be different, my day to day duties are going to be very similar to what I’ve been doing for the past 5 years of my career in Chicago. I am going to be focusing on working with our partners to identify their staffing challenges and help them understand the right solution for their organization, including finding top talent in the region.

I’ll be working with our internal delivery and business development teams to help them grow in their careers and achieve their personal and professional goals. I couldn’t be more excited to build these new relationships out west!”

What’s your best advice for anyone that’s taking on a new challenge?

“Go into every challenge with an open mind and a positive attitude. Success doesn’t come easy, so you need to be willing to be patient, put in the hard work and spend the time to learn the best way to overcome any challenge you’re presented with. You can’t rush it!”

What’s most exciting about Medix expanding into Seattle?

“I think it’s the opportunity to grow the Medix family by identifying individuals that embody our core values and core purpose of positively impacting lives. We know we can be successful in the Pacific Northwest because we’ll continue to focus on finding teammates who are passionate about what we are trying to do.”

What are you looking forward to about living in Seattle?

“Exploring everything! My wife and I are thrilled to go on this new adventure and experience as much as we possibly can in Seattle.”

Got any Seattle “fun facts” for our readers?

“I actually just found out that Seattle gets less annual rainfall than New York, Houston, Boston, and Atlanta!”

Thanks for sharing your story, Chris! If you’re in the Seattle area, stop by our newest office and meet Chris and the team. Here’s a peek at our new home in the northwest, featuring Medix teammate, Mackenzie!

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