Medix teammates across the country are locking arms with professionals seeking new career opportunities, while also pursuing their personal passions. Today, we’re checking in with Heather, a senior account executive with Medix’s clinical research team in California. She shares her secrets for success, as well as the strangest interview question she’s ever come across:

Please explain your current role at Medix.

Currently I am a Sr. Account Executive within the Clinical Research Division. My responsibilities are to develop partnerships with research organizations, such as health systems and medical groups conducting clinical trials, pharmaceutical and medical devices organizations investigating new drugs/devices for potential market use, and clinical research organizations.

What brought you to this role?

From all of my experiences thus far, I’ve always had a passion for the account executive role! To make a long story a short as possible, I have been in several roles within Medix, including as healthcare recruiter, scientific recruiter, healthcare account executive, scientific account executive and office leader. While in the office leader role, I was working closely with the Director of our Scientific Division, Dan, who was passionate about getting our Clinical Research division up and running. Having many conversations with Dan about my future with Medix and the excitement around Clinical Research, I felt like now was a better time than any to see what it was all about!

What made you decide to work for Medix?

Hands-down – the culture. Even after being on a few other interviews with other staffing firms, the people and the passion I observed during my interview with Medix made it a no-brainer. For the nine years I have been with Medix, there have been many changes, but our foundation has always been to positively impact lives.

What are the characteristics young professionals need to possess to be successful at Medix?

I believe someone who holds Medix’s core values will be successful, but “Never, Never, Never Give Up” has to be my personal favorite. Our jobs on a day-to-day basis are very demanding, both physically and mentally. Being able to keep a positive attitude, regroup when things don’t go your way, continue to pursue the end goal and, when you reach the end goal, to have an ever greater goal following your brief accomplishment, is what makes someone successful at Medix.

When you’re not working hard at Medix, what are your hobbies?

Even though my body may not agree anymore, I love to play soccer and participate in several co-ed leagues throughout the week. When I’m not playing soccer, I’m kind of obsessed with my dog Bella, (those who follow me on Instagram can concur!)  I’m that person walking through Home Depot with a dog; sorry, not sorry.

What’s the strangest interview question you’ve ever come across?

“Would you rather have toes as long as your fingers, or fingers as long as your toes? Why?”