In this edition of the Medix Teammate Spotlight series, we’re checking in with a teammate on our Learning and Development team – Madisen! Not only does she give all of our new hires the warmest of welcomes in training, but she also helps our teammates grow and succeed in their roles long-term. Here’s what she has to say about her position at Medix:

Describe your career at Medix and your current role here. What do you do in your position?

Today, I am the training coordinator, but I started at Medix as a recruiter in Chicago. I had a bit of a unique journey because I started in the IT division, then worked on a healthcare-focused project for three months. Afterwards, I was placed on the Allied team within the healthcare division. I love that I was able to experience three vastly different candidate pools because I was able to learn so much from each one. I was finally feeling comfortable in the Allied division when the training coordinator role opened and I jumped at the opportunity.

In my current role, I’m with our teammates through every step of centralized training, from their first two weeks, all the way through our continuing education and the programs our teammates apply to when they are gearing up for a promotion. I get to work with different leaders and experts throughout the organization to ensure we’re delivering the absolute best content to our team. I miss working with talent and my Allied Healthcare tribe, but nothing beats helping Medix teammates have an amazing first two weeks and watching them grow in their careers from there!

What do you love most about your role?

I love helping our new employees feel welcomed and supported within their first two weeks.  I have the privilege of talking to them every day and providing valuable information, while also making sure that everything is running smoothly and they feel supported!

What’s your favorite Medix perk?

I have a totally cheesy answer, but I love that we really take care of each other. What I mean by that is that I come to work every day to a really safe place where I know my teammates have my back no matter what I’m going through in life. They support me when I need to be supported and push me when I need to be pushed. I think this is invaluable.

What advice would you give others who are looking to pursue a career at Medix?

We are a purpose-driven, fast-growing organization with huge goals and it will take hard work from everyone for us to accomplish those. Our core values truly speak to who we are as an organization and what it takes to be successful here. Be ready to grind and work hard! Then, be ready to celebrate when you hit your goals because that’s how we are able to focus on philanthropy and positively impacting so many lives.

If you were stuck on an island, which three things would you bring and why?

  1. Devil in the White City. I just started the book and I already love it, so I need to finish!
  2. Tom Hanks. He must have some survival tips from Castaway, right?
  3. Beach lounge chair. There’s no way I’m getting stuck on an island and walking away without a fantastic tan!

Thanks for sharing your career story, Madisen! To read more Medix employee spotlights, click here or join the conversation below!