You can find Medix teammates across the country following their individual passions and working to positively impacting lives. In our latest Medix teammate spotlight, we’re checking in with Molly, Medix’s newest Clinical Research Consultant, at our Scottsdale, Arizona office to learn more about the impact she’s making every day.
Please explain your current role at Medix
Clinical Research Consultant, although I can consult for health care administration as well.  For clinical research, my services cover site operations, finance and compliance .In addition, I assist with research education for the recruiters and sales team, and strategy for new accounts.
What brought you to this role?
Helping people has always been in my heart; it is the reason I went to nursing school.  I loved the small wins that I could do as a nurse to make someone’s day a little better, even in the face of devastating hardships such as a terminal diagnosis.  I serendipitously fell into clinical research, and it changed my life.  I was touched by the courage and altruism the patients showed by participating in clinical trials.  Their gifts to research inspired me to become a leader to support the needed personnel infrastructure and create change to do research better.  Lives are waiting, so we have no time or resources to waste!
What made you decide to work for Medix?
I really enjoyed my working relationship with Medix Clinical Research teammates while I was in a previous position; they were proactive, solution oriented and demonstrated a high level of customer service.  When one asked me if I was interested in joining the Medix team, I was excited to join the culture demonstrated by those in my professional network and work for an innovative company that was willing to invest in good business ideas from their staff.  I feel that staffing and consulting are obvious partners to offer healthcare solutions and the opportunities are limitless.
What are the characteristics young professionals need to possess to be successful at Medix?
I’m too new at Medix to know the answer, but in my experience I find that young professionals need to show that they are “in it to win it.” They need to demonstrate their value and commitment to the organization.  Young professionals need to invest in themselves by joining professional organizations, getting certified in their area of expertise and continuing their education.  They should take advantage of opportunities, whether it is a conference or being mentored by another person.  Then, they should pay it forward by sharing their knowledge and experience with their peers and the next generation of professionals.
When you’re not working hard at Medix, what are your hobbies?
I run three days a week.  I train for ½ marathons off and on, but basically run to keep up with my three boys who seem to never tire.  When I’m not at Medix, I’m running between my boys’ activities: soccer, lacrosse, chess, parkour, gymnastics, playdates, and birthday parties.  Despite the craziness of our schedules, my husband and I still date (each other) regularly and take off without the kids for a get-a-way a couple of times a year.
Are you a dog person or a cat person?
Cat person for sure.  We have two cats, Scotty and Fiona (named after the characters in the movie Eurotrip.) I dig their independence and low maintenance nature.
Thank you for sharing your story, Molly!