Medix recently celebrated fifteen years as an organization! As we look back on the teammates and moments that shaped our history, our Medix Teammate Spotlight series checks in with someone who has been a part of our company from the beginning – Nathan! His Medix story has taken him from recruiting in our very first office outside of Chicago, all the way to his current role as a Director of National Sales in Arizona.

Please explain your current role at Medix.

I’m responsible for driving sales in our strategic national opportunities, which means getting salespeople aligned with the business in their market, either through supporting local markets or opportunities across the country that strongly match our business goals.

What brought you to this role?

I jumped at the chance to move to Arizona to help build something from the ground up, which has always been something I’m passionate about doing.

What made you decide to work for Medix? 

Wow, that’s hard to answer! Like many people in our industry, mine is sort of an accidental career path.  I only really knew about recruiting through the work my sister did at a firm while I was in college.  I grew up in rural Wisconsin and Chicago was where I wanted to be, I just didn’t necessarily know ‘what’ I wanted to do.  I heard about Medix through a family connection and Andrew Limouris, Medix’s President and CEO, needed a recruiter at the time.  The thing that really appealed to me was it was this small executive office space with three people and there was a lot of raw excitement and energy coming from this “start-up”.  It was a lot of fun to be a participant in all of that.

What’s your favorite memory from the last fifteen years at Medix?

There are way too many to count! There have been so many work and family events within this incredible highlight reel, it’s hard to name just one.  If I had to, it would be when Andrew and I went to Boston to find office space and ended up at a night game in Fenway wearing our shirt/tie and ball-caps in 90-degree humidity.  Boston welcomed us that night.

What are the characteristics young professionals need to possess to be successful at Medix? 

Grit. Perseverance.  Thick skin.

When you’re not working hard at the office, what are your hobbies? 

Anything outside!  Hiking, running, music, traveling…

When you were 15 (notice a theme here?), what was your favorite: band, TV show/movie, hobby and dream job. 

Billy Joel, TGIF television shows, basketball and undercover cop of all things!