Graduate Good HabitsA college career can be an extremely influential experience that expands your mind and pushes you to develop important relationships. At the same time, it can also be a comfortable place to develop some notoriously bad habits. Living in the college bubble of university schedules, relaxed work environments and endless social opportunities may have kept these habits afloat for a few years, but the daily grind of post graduate life can catch up with you quickly.
Here are a few good habits you can start developing today to help jump start your career after graduation:
TXT Like a Professional
From your e-mails to your handshake, the multitude of ways you communicate with others can say more than your words alone may intend. Start taking steps to speak and write professionally on a consistent basis. For example, try writing your text messages in full sentences, complete with punctuation. The extra effort now may come in handy later when writing e-mails and corporate communication materials.
Vampires Don’t Get Hired
Sleeping until noon may have been a glorious way to start a Wednesday in school, but the schedule at your first post-grad job may not be as forgiving. Rather than groggily adapting to a new sleep agenda after you land that new position, start developing a healthy sleeping pattern now. For starters, gradually move the time you hit the sheets in half-hour increments.
Your Smartphone is Smart! 
Games, emoji and pics – oh my! Distractions might keep you glued to your phone for hours on end, but your smartphone can do so much more. Take this opportunity to unlock the potential of your mobile calendar, download a few career-focused apps and save handy professional reminders to your notes.
Graduation is Just the Beginning
Report cards may be in your past, but learning doesn’t stop once those student loan payments start. A lifelong commitment to education is essential to setting yourself apart in a crowded job market. Small steps, such as catching up on daily news and regularly reading a variety books, can help you to expand your knowledge base long after grabbing that diploma.
As you take this next step in your career, plan to leave your bad habits behind with that dorm room. Can you think any other good habits to start after college? Post them below!