get to know coworkersAfter you’re hired for a job, you might think networking can safely be put on the backburner. That’s not the case – it’s time to start networking and getting to know your colleagues. Here are four basic tips:
Remember Everyone’s Name 
When you start a new job, many people will be introducing themselves to you, so to the best of your ability, remember everyone’s name. This tip may seem too simple and silly, but it’s a great way to make a solid impression because it shows you genuinely care about getting to know others. 
Go to Lunch 
Building professional relationships outside the cubicle walls allows for people to let their guard down and truly be themselves, so get to know your colleagues outside of the office! When a coworker asks if you want to grab lunch, take the opportunity. This doesn’t just need to be lunch – it can be happy hour or even a quick coffee run. 
Is there a company volunteering event this weekend? Make time and sign up! Is your office doing March Madness brackets? Fill one out regardless if you know anything about college basketball! Participating in office events is a great way to interact with your colleagues beyond your actual work, and it gives you the opportunity to talk more to those you don’t work with regularly. You will build camaraderie with them and truly be part of the team just by participating in the little things. 
And Repeat
In reality, these tips can be used throughout your time at your company, as it’s always smart to network and get to know the people you work with. Your relationships with your coworkers can help you when advancing your career within the organization, can be a great support system during stressful times, can help you stay engaged at work and can turn into friendships – all huge benefits!
Networking with new colleagues isn’t as daunting as it seems, but it’s certainly important. In your new job, make a real effort into getting to know your coworkers, so you set yourself up for success!
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