While on the job, it is normal to run into a hiccup in a project or task that increases your stress level and time needed to complete it.  Don’t let a minor road block derail your productivity and throw off your schedule for the day!

Identify the source of the problem.

Ensure you are not spinning your wheels by taking a step back and identifying the true source of your issue.  Do you not have the resources needed to adequately complete your project?  Do you have a question about the scope of the project that was not clarified before you started?  Sometimes when we find ourselves with a block in productivity, it can be easy to get stressed and overlook a potentially easy fix to our problem, so take some time to figure out what the hold up is.

Take a breather.

Especially if you are working on a lengthy project, it is often times necessary to step away from it from time-to-time to clear your head and not burn yourself out.  When you find yourself frustrated, take five and go to the break room to grab some coffee, or switch tasks to check your email for five minutes.  Breaking up a project into manageable pieces will make it easier to power through when the going gets tough.

Recruit the necessary resources.

When we find ourselves at a sticking point in a project, it might very well be because we don’t have the necessary resources to finish the rest of the task.  Are you trying to finish a report but don’t have access to the necessary information?  Do you not have the right technology tools?  Do you need more people to help you out?  It’s normal to realize you need more resources as you get further along in a project and get a feel for the scope of it, so don’t be afraid to reach out to your coworkers and supervisors for help in getting the necessary tools!

Power through.

Taking a breather to clear your head is one thing, but procrastinating and putting off a project can be all too tempting, especially when you’re having a difficult time and your patience is wearing thin.  A painful process doesn’t get much better by drawing it out, so once you have identified the road block and gathered the necessary resources, give your project some undivided attention to power through and knock it out!