After searching for a new job for a while, it can feel sort of like you’re performing a one-person show entitled, “The Story of My Career” for employers. You practice your lines, meticulously plan your costume (typically a suit) and prepare to hit the stage with confidence for every performance. If a job interview is showtime, then a career fair should be the dress rehearsal. Yet, while most job seekers know to plan ahead for big time job interviews, many fail when it comes to preparing for a career fair. Why?

Career fairs are designed to give job seekers plenty of opportunities to meet with a variety potential employers. However, the open nature of career fairs can also lead job seekers into incorrectly treating the situation more casually. These large-scale events, often held at universities and college campuses, often include influential representatives from multiple organizations of interest. Sometimes, career fairs are curated based on a single industry or area of focus; other times, the companies attending vary more widely.

No matter what type of career fair you plan on attending, it’s always important to be prepared! While these events are designed to act as a low-pressure way to learn more about what organizations have to offer, you never know when opportunity might come knocking. Who wants to be the unprepared person in sweat pants and jeans when the chance to land your dream job suddenly appears?

If you’ve ever considered attending a career fair, this is the episode of the Impact Podcast for you! Medix Corporate Recruiting Manager, Joe, stops by for a conversation and shares his three favorite tips for preparing for a career fair. From research best practices to career fair first impressions, tune into this month’s episode for Joe’s expert advice that every job seeker needs to hear!

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