Being the new kid on the block is hard, especially in the workplace. You have a new route to work, new desk, new coworkers and the toughest adjustment- a new boss. Every boss is different, but wanting to impress him or her is the one constant. Often times, employees make the mistake of going overboard trying to impress their new boss, which can end up backfiring by giving your boss the opposite impression you were looking for. If you’re looking to impress your new boss, but you’re nervous about being a pest, here are four tips to consider:

Don’t be a Suck Up

While it might feel like the easiest way to get in your boss’s good graces quickly, it’s one of the most common mistakes to make at a new job. Everyone loves a little flattery, but your boss will quickly notice your showering of compliments and won’t be impressed by your empty praise. He or she may even begin to question your judgement if they think you’re just telling them what they want to hear. Not to mention, it won’t start you off on a good note with your coworkers if they notice you acting like a brown-noser.

Do What’s Expected of You, and Do it Well

Instead of trying to win your boss over with flattery, it’s better to win him or her over simply by doing your job well. Start off your new job by showing up a little early and get started on your work. If you have some work left at the end of the work day, stay a few minutes late to get it done instead of saving it for tomorrow (but don’t stay late every day with nothing to do just to try and impress your boss). Make sure you put your best effort into everything you do, and ask your boss how you can help them if you find yourself with some free time during the day. By asking how you can help instead of asking can you help, it shows you have initiative and truly want to be of assistance rather than just asking as a formality. While this may lead to odd-jobs that don’t exactly fit your job description, your boss will probably be impressed and thankful for the unexpected help.

Don’t Gloat

You already got the job, so you don’t need to keep re-affirming your success to your new boss. Once you begin the work at your new job, hopefully your boss will acknowledge and congratulate you for any major accomplishments, but you don’t need to gloat and force them to give you a pat on the back for everything you do right. Not only will gloating start to get old to your boss, but your coworkers sure won’t like it either. Everyone is expected to do their work well, so there is no need to share your success so vocally.  Let your work speak for itself and the acknowledgement will come with it!

Be Positive

There is not enough that can be said about the positive effects of having a consistently positive attitude in the workplace, especially from the perspective of your boss. All too often, employees will get into a rut of complaining about work just to get through the day; “I’m so tired,” “I just can’t wait until 5,” “I just want to go home,” “It’s only Tuesday but I need the weekend,” “this weather sucks,” and the list goes on and on.  Even if complaining might seem like an easy way to start a conversation with a new coworker, but it’s not a good way to start a relationship with your boss (ESPECIALLY if you’re trying to complain about your boss). If they just hired you, they’re hoping you’re excited to get to work and you feel grateful for the opportunity. If your boss hears you complaining, he or she might think you aren’t excited about getting the new job or that maybe you aren’t the right fit for the job after all. Bring a positive attitude to work every day to brighten your coworkers’ days, improve your own mood and, just maybe, impress your new boss.

Ultimately, the most effective employees are able to impress their bosses by going above and beyond in their work without the goal of impressing anyone. If you do your work to the best of your ability and show up with your best attitude every day, your boss will probably take notice more than if you sent them a fruit arrangement. So, take a deep breath and get to work!
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