Our own Medix QR code; Try it out for yourself!

 It is one of the first road blocks you encounter on your job search crusade: How can I make my resume stand out?  There are only so many things you can do with a piece of paper, right?  And you might have tried them all, from unique content, pink ink, an interesting font, an eye catching picture, and unique paper.  But have you dappled in the newest phase of resume innovation: the QR code.

If your first response is “The what code?” then you are not entirely alone.  QR codes, or quick response codes, have been around for a while, but haven’t really spread into the mainstream in the US until recently.  QR codes are unique codes that can easily be created for free on the internet, and can be placed on everything from products to billboards to business cards; they are scanned using smart phones and then direct the phone’s browser directly to the content you have selected.  And even for those that have heard of QR codes, not everyone truely comprehends the capabilities and functionality they can bring, from retrieving coupons to gaining information on products to, yes, sprucing up resumes.  Much like when a user scans a QR code of a product to take them to additional information about the item (for example, a QR code on a flower at a garden shop might lead to online instructions on how to care for the plant), a QR code on a resume can similarly take the reader to another online source of information, such as your blog, to better help sell the product, which in this case is yourself.

Below is a video with tips on how to take a new approach to your job search by utilizing QR codes in your resume.  What other tips do you have on making your resume stand out in the stack of papers on the hiring manager’s desk?


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