Were you trying to lose weight and ended up scarfing down that pizza? Have you not used your new gym membership since you joined on January 2? What about your career resolutions? It’s February, and many people have “fallen off the horse” of their New Year’s career resolutions. If you are among the job seekers and professionals looking to make a change in 2013, there is still hope! February is still early in the year, meaning there is still a lot of time to reenergize your career resolutions for 2013!

Redo Your Resume and Cover Letter

Are you looking for a new opportunity and didn’t get enough bites on your application in January? Don’t get discouraged; it might be easily fixed with a resume and cover letter revamp. After you redo it, pass it off to trusted mentors and friends for review – not only will you get helpful advice, you will gain a little confidence knowing you’ve had second opinions.

Join a New Professional Organization

Maybe you need to be re-inspired in your career resolutions. Joining a new professional organization can help, as these organizations allow professionals to network, exchange best practices and listen to guest speakers. The free-flow of knowledge can give you new ideas and refresh your desire to advance.

Contact a Recruiter

Did your job search move slower than expected in January? It might be time to contact a recruiter to help you find a new opportunity. Recruiters have large networks and many connections to open positions. They are also good resources for advice and tips to help you advance your career.

It isn’t too late to start or restart your New Year resolutions! If you’re looking for a career change or professional advancement, there is still a lot of time to accomplish your goal.