One of the most important tools available to job seekers is the resume. Refined and perfected through trial and error, this master document linking candidate accomplishments and experience to job opportunities is indispensable.
Your resume should be a reflection of your current place along your career path, as well as a roadmap to the future you hope to achieve. In order to best express this, job seekers must be vigilant in updating their resume regularly; with each new experience and every fresh opportunity, the resume should be edited, updated and personalized.
However, it can be difficult work revising a resume! After spending hours perfecting formatting for even one application, the thought of throwing anything off balance for a rewrite might just send shivers down your spine.
Thankfully, with the right preparation, your resume rewrite might go quicker than you think. Use our resume rewrite checklist before you sit down and start working on your next revision:
Before Reviewing

  • Find a location that allows you to focus on the task at hand without distraction.
  • Gather all information from past employers
    • Including:
      • Office Address
      • Contact Information
      • Names of Managers/Coworkers
      • Dates Worked
      • Job Description
      • Responsibilities
    • Be sure to work from the most recent version of your resume document.
    • Have the job opportunity or description at hand in order to tailor your resume to the interested company’s needs.
      • Look for keywords in the job description and company brand materials that could be plugged into your resume when appropriate.

During Revision

  • Review top to bottom for any spelling or grammatical errors
  • Include the most up-to-date personal contact information, including an active phone number and professional email address.
  • Ensure font is consistent throughout.
  • Start each description with a variety of attention-grabbing action verbs.
    • See our list of action words here!
  • Make sure each section is clearly defined and easy to read.

After Revision

  • Save resume file with new title (Ex. Resume Revision 3) in order to keep track of changes.
  • Share resume with at least three trusted members of your network in order to generate outside perspectives and feedback.
  • Decide if you need to collect any additional materials to support your resume document
    • Including:
      • Cover Letter
      • Work Samples
      • Reference List
      • Links to Online Presence (Website, social media, etc.)

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